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Hawaii’s charitable solicitation law requires the following organizations to register with the Attorney General:

  • Charitable organizations that solicit contributions in Hawaii, unless the Attorney General has granted the organization an exemption from registration
  • Professional fundraisers
  • Religious organizations
  • Parent teacher associations
  • Accredited educational institutions
  • Certain alumni associations and educational foundations
  • Licensed hospitals
  • Charitable organizations that normally receive less than $25,000 in contributions and that do not pay a professional fundraiser
  • Professional solicitors are compensated for requesting or soliciting contributions for a charitable organization. This may be done through a variety of means – door to door, direct mail, telemarketing, internet, and otherwise.
  • Professional fundraising counsels are fundraising consultants paid by a charitable organization to provide advice and counsel on fundraising activities or to prepare materials relating to fundraising.

A commercial co-venturer (CCV) is a business that partners with a charitable organization to hold a charitable sales promotion in which all or a portion of the proceeds will benefit the charitable organization.

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